Common Questions on OrthoK

What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology  is a non-surgical process that reshapes the cornea of your eye while you sleep. You simply remove the lenses when you wake- up and go the whole day without any other vision correction like your glasses or contacts. It is available for all ages.

Is Orthokeratology permanent?

No. If you stop wearing the Orthokeratology therapeutic lenses , your vision will return to how it was.

How long does it take to start working?

Most patients see dramatic improvement in the first days, with complete vision correction in just a few weeks.

Then, how do I see between the time I start using Orthokeratology therapeutic lenses and when it totally corrects my vision?

During the transitional period, you may wear Orthokeratology therapeutic lenses for part of the day. You may also wear other temporary soft contact lenses. This is a decision Dr. Martin will make with you.

So I can see while wearing Orthokeratology therapeutic lenses?

Absolutely. You can see with the lenses on or off. So if you have to get up at night, no problem.

Are there any risks with Orthokeratology therapeutic lenses ?

There is a risk of infection when any corneal lens is worn. However, during the FDA clinical study, there were no serious adverse events observed. The old reports of serious infection were based in Asia, and were from more than 10 years ago when the fitting of Orthokeratology therapeutic lenses was not regulated.  Dr. Martin can talk to you more about this.

How do I take care of them?

You should clean them after every use. Dr. Martin can tell which system is best for you.

Is Orthokeratology right for me?

Orthokeratology treats nearsightedness (myopia) with or without minor astigmatism. And because there are no age restrictions on Orthokeratology therapeutic lenses , it may make perfect sense for you. However, the ultimate decision needs to be made by you, or your parents, and Dr. Martin.

Time to act.

If you think Orthokeratology may be just the thing you’re looking for to get rid of your glasses and daytime contacts, then now’s the time to do something about it. If you are a minor, talk to your parents and decide if this is something you can do. And for more information, just schedule a no cost screening at Clear View Vision Care.

Call us today at 520-327-9411.

Because the day without all the hassles of glasses and contacts could be tomorrow. 

What parents need to know for their kids

No more excuses.

From “I left my glasses on the bus” to “I dropped a contact in the cafeteria,” you’ve heard them all as a parent. Day in and day out, doesn’t it just seem like glasses and daytime contacts are becoming more of a problem? Well, those days have already ended for some, and the same could soon be true for you. With Orthokeratology, your child can enjoy crystal clear vision all day just by wearing therapeutic contact lenses at night. No more glasses. No more daytime contacts. Just clear vision without surgery.

The facts.

Orthokeratology uses specially designed therapeutic contact lenses worn during sleeping hours to reshape the cornea without permanently altering its physiology, which is important, as the eyes of children and teens are still maturing. Your child simply wears the lenses at night and takes them out in the morning. And the result is clear vision the whole day in class, at practice and while doing homework.

The easy answer.

Orthokeratology therapeutic lenses are the convenient vision correction option for your child that you’ll have no problem saying “yes” to. That’s because it’s been proven safe and effective though intense research and clinical testing, and approved by the FDA for all ages. And because the therapy is non surgical and reversible, Orthokeratology ultimately gives you more choice and flexibility in deciding how to meet your child’s vision correction needs now and in the future.

Give your child some freedom.

Free your child today from torn lenses, broken frames and contact lens induced dry eye discomfort. Whether your child is playing sports or simply sitting in a classroom, nothing will stand in the way of clear vision with Orthokeratology therapeutic lenses. Schedule a no cost screening for you and your child and learn more about Orthokeratology therapeutic lenses . And to get your child interested, simply have them look at our web page so they can learn about the therapy themselves.