iVue OCT

iVue OCT is the eye’s equivalent of a Dental X-ray or Brain CT Scan.  While decidedly different technology (no radiation), the impact on finding disease early is unquestioned.

Since implementing iVue OCT Wellness Screening, Dr. Martin has found multiple cases of developing vision loss that were averted.

How iVue with GCC Analysis impacts Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment

Glaucoma, if detected by GCC, can be found as early as 6 years sooner than by older technologies.

iVue and Retinal Disease

“What you can’t find, you can’t treat”.

Every doctor learns this early in their education. Early identification of disease is paramount. iVue has brought this to eye doctors.  Dr. Martin wouldn’t want to practice without it.

iVue OCT even helps with Anterior Segment Disease and procedures like Scleral Contact  Lens fitting.