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Hello! I am Dr. Jeffrey F. Martin, and I am committed to providing you with the best eye care experience possible. I understand that the relationship you develop with your eye doctor has a profound effect on the quality of vision you enjoy after the one-year eye exam is long over, and I want to keep you seeing great for the rest of your life! My established patients are the number one source of new patients for my practice, as they proudly send us their friends, families, and coworkers. I work hard to earn their trust, and I will for you as well.

Our team is committed to proving personalized solutions to your eye care – we’re not some big box “eye mill” where you get the same as the person before and after you.

What is Clear Vision Care All About?
It’s simple. We want to keep you seeing great for the rest of your life Dr. Jeffrey F. Martin

Our staff

Our staff is comprised of friendly professionals who remember who they work for – you! We strive to meet your every expectation in personal timely service, and to educate you through every step of the one-year eye exam, contact lens fitting, eye disease management or treatment, and eye wear selection. If you have a question, ask us. We’ll help you figure it out.

Our facility and technology

We have built a cutting edge facility, with the latest in eye assessment technology, allowing us to offer full scope eye care, from glaucoma management, diabetic eye disease monitoring, macular degeneration testing with our iVue OCT, Konan Endothelial Imager, Diopsys VEP / ERG, Optos Panoramic Retinal Imaging, MacuScope and Forsee PHP, to the most advanced one-year eye exam available today using our iScription Vision Exam. New patients tell us they have never had an eye exam like ours, and established patients keep coming back for more!

Advanced Vision Therapy for Tucson

Depending on the type of problem found sometimes glasses can help.  If glasses won’t solve the vision problem then vision therapy is needed. Vision therapy is much like “physical therapy”, but rather than treating the muscles of the body, it works on the eyes and visual system.  It is an invaluable tool that has changed not only our patients’ vision, but has improved many related areas of their lives as well. Click here to learn more about Vision Therapy.

Optometrist in Tucson

The latest in personalized lenses from Zeiss & Essilor allow our patients to see better than ever before. Lens technology that minimizes distortions, enhances night vision, and makes Progressive lenses (no line bifocals) easy to wear. This level of technology simply can’t be delivered “in an hour”, which is why we don’t rush – we want to make your vision the best it can be. We use the VisiOffice to make the highly accurate measurements needed to properly fit your eye wear.

Our eye wear and commitment to your happiness

We carry a wide range of eyeglasses, from modern and trendy, to traditional and conservative. We know you’ll love your frames, but if you don’t, let us know so we can fix it. Some people think big, impersonal national chains invented this personal touch last year. We’ve been doing it since the year 2000.

Our contact lens expertise

We have latest contact lenses, from Vision Shaping Lens technology for Corneal Refractive Therapy / Orthokeratology / Gentle Vision Shaping Programs, to the next generation Silicone Hydrogel lenses that bathe your corneas in 6 times more oxygen than just a few years ago.  We offer WAVE Contacts Lenses, one of a kind computer aided designed lenses designed to fit your eyes, and your eyes only.  PLUS, we offer Scleral Lenses – lenses that offer all day comfort and can address problems created by surgery and diseases of the cornea.

We’re Tucson First

We are a Tucson Optometrist practice.  We work here, live here, create jobs here, and spend our money here.  We don’t wire it out of town every night like the big, impersonal chains and big box stores.  We love Tucson, and believe we only succeed when our patients are happy, healthy, and we help the local economy.  Call us old fashioned if you will, but local businesses work harder to earn your business.

Come join us.

Experience eye and vision care the Clear View Vision Care way.  Let us keep you seeing great for the rest of your life!

I look forward to seeing you soon.  Take a look around our web site – enjoy the education information and videos.  It will give you a taste of what we have to offer!

– Dr. Jeffrey F. Martin

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