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Our commitment to our patients is to provide a caring environment where we listen to your concerns and design personalized solutions. We have invested in the most cutting edge technology unlike anything else in Tucson.
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  • Presbyopia: What It Is and Ways to Manage It
    Your body changes as you age. Apart from your physical strength, you may also notice a decline in your visual capacity. In particular, you may develop blurry eyesight as you reach your 40’s. This is a classic symptom of presbyopia, an age-related refractive error. Let your trusted provider of vision..
  • Q and A With The Pros: All You Need To Know About Dry Eyes
    Continuous tear production helps maintain lubrication in your eyes. This is essential to keep your vision sharp, prevent irritations, and maintain your visual health. That said, any problems with your tear production or quality may lead to dry eyes. For your understanding, let Clear View Vision Care answer some commonly asked..
  • What Is Hyperopia?
    Hyperopia, more popularly referred to as farsightedness, is one of the most common refractive errors. In fact, 14 million Americans currently have this problem. This may compromise not only your visual health, but also your overall well-being and daily efficiency. Let your expert eye doctor from Clear View Vision Care..
  • Common Eye Conditions That Develop During Adulthood
    Your body and health changes as you age. Your sense of sight, in fact, is one of the first things that changes as time passes. Many eye conditions can develop during your golden years. Let your trusted eye care specialist from Clear View Vision Care talk about some of them...
  • Answering Basic Questions About Orthokeratology
    At Clear View Vision Care, we are dedicated to providing you the highest standard of eye care possible. This is why we continually look for ways to improve our eye care products and services, especially our vision correction options. Apart from eyeglasses and contact lenses, we also offer orthokeratology. Let..

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