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Our commitment to our patients is to provide a caring environment where we listen to your concerns and design personalized solutions. We have invested in the most cutting edge technology unlike anything else in Tucson.
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  • Answering Frequently Asked Questions About Astigmatism
    Your eyes’ even corneal surface and almost-perfect round shape help accurately bend light rays toward your retina. That said, any infirmities to their structures may disrupt the light distribution process, resulting in refractive errors, such as astigmatism. For your understanding, let your go-to vision therapy clinic, Clear View Vision Care,..
  • Everything About Dry Eye Syndrome
    Your eyes constantly produce tears made of mucus, water, and oil. Their combination keeps your eyes moisturized, removes foreign particles, and prevents rapid tear evaporation for your clear eyesight. That said, you may develop dry eyes when there’s failure to produce a healthy amount or the right consistency of tears...
  • Understanding the Major Types of Refractive Errors
    Any irregularities with your ocular structures’ shape or surface may interfere with the light bending and focusing processes in your eyes, resulting in refractive errors. They are classified into four major types that are usually identified through a comprehensive eye exam. Let your reliable eye doctor from Clear View Vision..
  • What Happens During an Eye Exam?
    Regular eye exams are important to maintaining your eye health. They help in the early detection and prompt management of underlying vision problems. This way, we’ll have better chances of stopping their progression and saving your eyesight. For your understanding, Clear View Vision Care explains what happens during one...
  • A Lifetime of Great Vision with Clear View Vision Care
    Welcome to Clear View Vision Care’s blog section! Here, we’ll regularly post the latest services, products, and news concerning the visual health field. We’ll also upload information about common eye diseases and tips for maintaining your eye health. We hope this can help you better understand your eyes and the..

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